FAQ – Frequently asked questions:

✔What’s the difference between Vip1 – Vip2 – vip3 – vip4 – vip5?

We divide each video from special to most special. The most important note is that if you join a higher VIP level, you will be able to see all the videos of the lower VIP levels, and vice versa. We give higher priority to VIP members for videos that are more special. For example, if you join VIP 5, you can only watch videos included in VIP 5. There are videos that are locked at lower VIP levels, and you will not be able to watch them because those videos are only for lower VIP members. It’s the policy of our website. If you agree to participate, please read it carefully. We know that, of course, it won’t be very good and interesting.  👍

✔How to upgrade or downgrade membership of our website:

✮If you want to upgrade to a higher level or downgrade to a lower level, for example, if you are participating in VIP level 1 and you want to upgrade to VIP 2, you must cancel the current level and rejoin VIP 2 level. Note that when canceling any VIP level, it means that you will not be able to receive the canceled amount because we do not refund even if you have just joined and canceled immediately. Similarly, to downgrade, you cancel the current VIP level and rejoin the new VIP level. Thank you.
🍼Wishing the fans participating in Breastfeeding Sweet hours of fun and entertainment. Thank you!👶


➩ Breastfeeding sweet. We do not have a refund policy for any reason, so think twice before participating. Thanks! 👶

✺ Question: is there a trial video before joining?

➩  Everything we try, we share on YouTube for you to see the test. The YouTube video was just enough for the test. Thanks!